Adobe Audition 2017.10

A professional and beginner multitrack music and audio editing, mixing and compositing workstation

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Adobe Audition 2017.10
Adobe Audition CC 2014

Adobe Audition is a piece of professional music recording software that supports multitrack song creation. This app features all the premium tools and precision that define the Adobe brand, but beginners may have difficulty with the sophisticated language and options. Once the app has been installed and launched, it will automatically search through your hard drive for audio files with compatible formats. The app will prompt you to associate a specific filetype with the software, which prevents it from adding every sound file that exists on your hard drive.

The user interface for Adobe Audition is sharp and aesthetically pleasing. The main windows use tabs to separate the Mixer, Main, Effects, and File sections. With the Unlock Panel feature, you can move these windows freely and place them wherever you'd like. If you design a new layout that works optimally for a specific type of project, you can save that layout as a template for further similar projects.

The editing tools in Adobe Audition are exceptionally sophisticated, and they are broken down into four primary editing modes. These modes are Waveform Display, Logarithmic Display, Spectral Frequency Display, and a combination of Spectral Phase Display and Spectral Pan Display. The last two combine in order to produce stereo sound that has been synced perfectly with itself.

When editing files in Adobe Audition, you'll end up using the classic cut-and-paste functions. To create a cut, you must select an in point and an out point from the existing timeline. The software is so advanced that when you set these points, the app compensates for rhythms and tonal patterns so only unwanted material is cut.

The Help guide built-in to the software includes a detailed and straightforward explanation of the cut-and-paste function. The guide will also teach you how to use the Frequency Space Editing function. This cutting-edge function lets you choose certain frequencies to edit instead of being forced to edit the entire waveform. Not only that, but the software includes countless sound effects that can be applied with ease.

One of the potential downsides to Adobe Audition is that it requires a subscription to the Creative Cloud service from Adobe. The newest version of the software features improved noise reduction, new special effects, and easier editing of multiple tracks.

A set of phase correction tools were also added to the most recent version of the software, and it now supports 5.1 surround sound and virtual instruments. The Multitrack View helps with editing without sacrificing consistency or time. Once clips have been grouped, you can easily fade and trim the individual tracks with identical timing. Audio files can also be saved in batches with specific formats, locations, and names.


  • Tabbed UI
  • Multitrack Editing
  • Quick Launch Time
  • Creative Cloud Integration
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Editing
  • Frequency Editing


  • Slow Installation
  • Can't Burn CDs
  • No Basic Editing Mode
  • Requires Monthly Subscription

Adobe Audition provides the tools necessary to enhance, edit and create pristine audio. This application allows the user to remove ambient noise, enhance dialogue and change the pitch of audio projects with its featured professional editing tools. Adobe Audition grants you access to the latest updates and instantly updates to the newest version of the software using Creative Cloud. With 64-bit support, you can use the full power of your computer for advanced editing projects.

The Sound Remover tool helps you remove unwanted audio from your project. Simply select a representative sample of the sound you want to remove and then run the tool to scan and remove the entire segment of unwanted sound. The Spectral Display editor provides a way to select several items and regions within the audio track. Use visual editing tools to easily see the beginning and ending of spoken dialogue and music to make more effective cuts and edits. Use the Preview Editor to confirm your edits and preview the changes before committing to the edits.

The overall interface uses an intuitive design that makes visual editing of audio a breeze. You can even use ITU loudness metering to make sure that your broadcasts conform to the current broadcasts regulations to find any passages that exceed the recommended volume limits. Dock panels you need to use most often and hide the tools you don't need with the customizable interface. Shortcuts and other navigation tools make it possible to use the features you need without having to search through several menus and lists.

Adobe Audition provides a sleek, integrated application that is a true joy to work with. Users that prefer to fully own the software they buy are going to find the new rental model off-putting. However, the new model does cut the overall investment cost for those that upgrade with each new version. Additional useful features include the option to export your audio projects directly to SoundCloud, a free online music streaming website. The sound restoration tools are especially efficient and intuitive. The user can remove even the smallest sounds using the newly revamped Sound Removal Tool.

The multitrack editing interface provides a way to assign colors to each track and clip. This makes it easier to categorize and find the tracks you need to work with quickly and easily. Users can silence clips with a single click and can adjust a clip without needing to go to a main sound editor. The visual Preview Editor allows you to hear and see the latest version of an edit. Visually seeing the audio wave makes it possible to more effectively and quickly determine if you have accidentally cut off an important segment of dialogue or music.


  • Adobe Audition provides 64-bit support for more intensive audio editing.
  • Fast audio encoding and a reliable engine.
  • Effective and efficient multitrack editing.
  • Preview Editor allows you to preview changes.


  • Does not support MIDI instruments.
  • Users cannot buy this Adobe Audition as a stand-alone application.
  • No built-in support for folders to store clips.

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